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Rolled up joints and full decriminalization are suppose to acting essays them. There were legal 55 percent of americans under 44, legal in May 11 answers to legalize the bill one that.However, this penalty will heighten as premiers and chiefs are in favor of zero tolerance, early enforcement, and early diversion and rehabilitation. Associations are concerned why marijuana should not be legalized essay outline any attempts to allow the medicinal use of the drug King, We should be eliminating any thoughts of this drug being available.

The second reason that the government should not legalize marijuana is that doing so will send the message that is okay to use other psychoactive drugs. Legalizing marijuana could result in advertising of this drug to adolescents. A study was conducted during showing that roughly 48 percent of twelfth graders reported using alcohol in the past thirty days and 24 percent reported smoking cigarettes in the past thirty days.

Household access to illicit substances is coupled with a greater risk of marijuana use among both younger and older adolescents.

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Thus far, it is shown that there is a struggle to educate the youth to avoid the use of psychoactive drugs. Show More. Having a job it can make a wrong turn at your work place, or hurt someone on your job cause your not paying attention. Marijuana is the most widely abused illicit drug in the nation among both youth and adults, which can cause someone to go do more harmful drugs. Marijuana can cause you to be prone to do harder drugs, but most likely later in life.

To put this all to rest, marijuana is an leading cause for teens need to abuse drugs; and leads them on to a path of possible life threatening situations. Legislation seeking to legalize marijuana will reduce the perception of harm associated with its use thereby increasing the number of new initiates and enabling existing addictive behaviors to continue. Accessed February 27, This is just a sample. You can get your custom paper from our expert writers.

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Type: Essay, 4 pages. There is constant debate on whether it should be legalized or not. Also, debate on if it were to be legalized, how would they make it work. All these questions are things the government takes into account every day. When you look at the benefits, there is no question that marijuana should be legal throughout the entire country. There are way more positive things that could come out of it being legal.

The first reason weed should be legalized is because how many other drugs are legal. Weed is one of a few not too harmful drugs that are illegal.

Many hard drugs such as painkillers, heroine, and cocaine are drugs that are very destructive to your health and possibly even your life.

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Marijuana should not be put under the same category as these drugs. It should be under the category that includes alcohol, tobacco, and even sugar. These drugs are more commonly related to marijuana than hard drugs Nathan.

Topics in Paper. On ExampleEssays. Continue reading this essay Continue reading Page 1 of 5. Next Page. I do not believe it is fair or right that marijuana is illegal while tobacco and alcohol are equally harmful, if not more harmful.

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Well, like most things these days, it is a matter of business, this one going back to It was William Randolph Hearst who fought to make it illegal. With lots of money put into this effort, he made marijuana illegal.

So as you can see, it was never given a fair shot at being looked at properly. It was immediately given a bad reputation and since has never been able to become legal. It is well known that lack of money does not always stop people from getting the drugs they need. Instead of paying for the drugs, they will steal it.

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The cost of marijuana is higher in price due to the fact that it is illegal, but if it were legal the cost would go down, along with the crime rate in the United States.

Marijuana just relaxes you and is just something to make you feel better; it does not make people act stupid. Young people that get caught with marijuana dissertation druckkosten their record and often get stuck in the system with no way out except to continue living lives of crime instead of turning their lives around.

There would more people driving high on weed, which would result in more accidents and traffic offenses, especially among the youth. The drug marijuana is just not right and it was not made to be smoked by humans or used to get high. If marijuana is legal, then there is more likely a chance that kids will start using it at a younger age because it will be easier to obtain.

Marijuana is just unhealthy, and physically, not good for your body. With marijuana illegal, the country can keep all the drug users and criminals off of the streets.

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