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Holders of the GED diploma have demonstrated that they master the stalin and social reform through education and knowledge at a level that may be expected of graduating high school seniors. About one out of seven US adults that hold a secondary education credential has earned their diploma through the GED Program.

Last Updated on February 19, Grade 7 The Presidents. Plymouth Colony was in which state? New Hampshire Connecticut Massachusetts Essay structure. True False. Grade 5 Civil War. All of the original Thirteen Colonies were British. Roger Williams, the founder of Rhode Island, was exiled from Massachusetts Bay Colony for advocating for the separation of church and state.

Who was Connecticut founded by? Pilgrims Quakers Puritans Convicts. Grade 6 Judicial Branch.

Stalin and social reform through education

What is the head of the Supreme Court's title? Grade 6 European Geography. In other countries, suspects are considered guilty until proven innocent. How would this affect the burden of proof in a trial? Why is the right to due process important? How did this help the country recover? In American cities after the Industrialization Age began, it was not unusual to see children huddled together without shoes, warm clothing, shelter, or decent food.

These children illustrated what unhappy effect of Industrialization in the United States? As a result, their children ran away and lived on the streets.

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Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Answer Key 1.The production account of the business sector is shown in Social cost benefit analysis 1. The last item relates to payments made to the foreign sector for imports of goods and services. These figures make up gross national income.

The receipt side of the production account shows the incomings to the business sector from sales of goods and services to the household or personal sector. Government purchases refer to goods and services sold by the business sector to the government.

Gross private domestic investment comprises the gross flow of capital goods fixed capital formation and the net change in inventories.

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Net exports refer to the income earned by the business sector by selling goods and services to the rest of the world.

The total of all these items gives GNP by expenditure. The consumption account refers to the income and expenditure account of the household or personal sector.

The household sector includes all consumers and non-profit making institutions such as clubs and associations. The consumption account is shown in Table 2. The major item in the left violating social norms ideas of the consumption account is the expenditure of household consumers in buying goods and services from the business sector to satisfy their wants.

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Payments to government include taxes and special insurance contributions. The next item refers to personal saving used for investment by the household sector.

The right hand side of the account shows income of business and household consumers as the major item which comes in the form of wages and salaries, profit, interest, dividend, refit and receipts from current transfers, etc. Receipts from government include transfer payments and net interest payments on public debt.

The government account relates to the outflows and inflows of the government sector. In the government sector are included all public authorities-centre, states and local authorities in a country. The government account is shown in Table 3. All items in the preceding Table have already been explained in the two accounts constrained in Tables 2 and 3, except item 3.

Violating social norms ideas Social responsibility refers the to business ethics concept of being accountable for impacting society and culture. Ethics takes a major role in the modern era of business. Social Accounting, on the other hand, should be applied on the basis of broad outlook, and scientific reasoning.

If we want to apply Double Entry system in Social Accounting, we are to face a number of difficulties. Thus, it social cost benefit analysis not possible to make the opening entry, i. In other words, the correctness of the data is quit doubtful. That is, at the micro-level, the total claims must be set off against total obligation, i. There remains only the surplus of transactions in the form of work-in-progress or finished goods.

But difficulties will arise in case of goods which are durable in nature cars, refrigerators, radios etc.

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But we are to face a great difficulty while valuing National Fixed Assets e. Land and Buildings, Roads, Mines, Bridges etc. Thus, the conversion is practically impossible. But the same is not possible in Social Accountings to record the day-to-day National transactions. But as the value of money is constantly fluctuating, measurement of National Income or Wealth becomes impossible.

We know depreciation is always provided on the basis of Historical cost of the assets ignoring the Replacement cost. In Private Accounting where Double Entry System is followed, this problem practically does not appear. Because in Double Entry System, no transaction is taken into account which cannot be expressed in social cost benefit analysis of money.

While measuring the National Income social study answers takes a very significant role for which proper attention must be given.

From the discussion made so far, it becomes clear that Double Entry System cannot be applied in Social or National Accounting. As per economics, National Income may be defined as the sum total factor income i. February 24, To top. Get our free widgets. Add the power of Cambridge Dictionary to your website using our free search box widgets.

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Violating social norms ideas

This is an orthodox definition as it is based on application of book keeping principles rather than sophisticated techniques of management accounting to the national socio-economic situation. He viewed that social accounting as an independent discipline which is to measure and report the activities of an entity in so far as they effect the society. Therefore a measure limited to economic consequences is inadequate as an appraisal of the cause and effect relationships of the total system, it neglects the social effects.

Social Welfare can be defined both as a system and as an overall effort. This means that it can be designed as a systematic set of programs that assist the population in different stages of their lives but, social study answers system comes from an effort and intention to provide that social welfare situation on the first place.