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As a result, many companies changed their business processes to fit the ERP essay topic food requirements, and the possibilities of ERP systems have been used to underpin Business Process Reengineering Kooch,Chenn, As ERP systems have traditionally taken too long to implement, a dynamic and incremental implementation of ERP components is recommended as opposed to massive reengineering.

Boudreau and Robeysuggest a vital importance to acceptance of ERP systems. They also note that if not successfully implemented, users may work phd thesis on pharmaceutical sciences the system and otherwise doom the project to costly duplication of effort, or worse, system failure. A phased implementation approach is highlighted in Robey et al. It is important to have a structured approach, similar to systems development, for the implementation and maintenance of ERP systems.

Systems development theory uses the concept of a lifecycle and stages in the lifecycle to indicate development of information systems. The waterfall model, incremental model, RAD rapid application development model and spiral model are some of the systems development methods prevalent in the literature.

Newer approaches to systems development address component-based development using off-the-shelf packages, agile development and the unified process for object-oriented software development Pressman, The newer approaches have fewer stages in the development of systems.

For example, the unified process which draws upon the best practices of conventional software process models has inception, elaboration, construction and transition phases.

A common aspect of all these models is that they focus little attention on implementation and the post implementation of the system. The literature review undertaken revealed a lack of research with regard to some critical factors of ERP implementation eg client consultation, schedule and plansand this could be due to the fact that these factors are related to any information system project, not particularly to ERP project implementation. However, and generally speaking, there has not yet been a common comprehensive or integrative approach to ERP implementation.

Successful ERP project implementation is a complex and difficult task. Implementing an ERP system package causes vast change that needs to be managed carefully to get the full advantages Bingi et al, ; Sor, A major difference between ERP systems and traditional information systems comes from the integrated nature of ERP applications. Implementing an ERP system causes dramatic changes that need to be carefully administrated to reap the advantages of an ERP solution.

Holland and Light cite that the implementation of an ERP software package involves a mix of business process change and software configuration to align the software with the business processes. In that sense, it has become clear through the literature review, and studying the experiences of leading organisations, that the implementation of an ERP system is radically different from traditional systems development.

In essence, there are several critical and inter-related issues that must be carefully considered to ensure successful implementation of an ERP system project. ERP system implementation has been subdivided into three levels: strategic, tactical, and operational. Each level contains a number of critical factors. These levels of implementation, however, are not independent of each other, and each level should be used to derive the next level.

Moreover, each level requires differing inputs; for example, there is a direct relationship between the implementation level at which a decision is being taken and the characteristics of the information required supporting decision making Bocij et al, This item is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Shaiti, H. A thesis submitted to the University of Bedfordshire, in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

They phd thesis on iris recognition to remember the symbol of each currency. Cloud based ERP also saves our money as it cuts out the additional price which is associated with these roll out. An assessment of the performance of digital libraries based on an information systems success model. Masters thesis, formation Management and Control. Enterprise Resource Planning ERP adoption factors have been studied quite extensively over the years. The findings from the literature were used to develop a provisional conceptual ERP implementation model.

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