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The trip would cost a tremendous amount of money. Torvald is not willing to borrow and would not accept help from a woman. She takes Torvald to Italy.

They stay there for a year. Outcome: Torvald comes back from the trip and he is as sound as a bell. This is just an outline of how the paragraph should look like. It should be written in continuous friday night lights questions as illustrated later in this article. They give up their valuable time, comfort and possessions in order to help other people.

This does not go unrewarded. Anne, the nanny, halfheartedly leaves her own child in order to help Nora and her three little children. By so doing she gets an income and a good place to live. When they get married, Torvald Helmer leaves his job because there is no prospect of promotion.

He then works early and late to provide for his family. He overworks himself and falls dreadfully ill. The doctors tell Nora that the only thing to save his life is to live in the south.

Nora makes a great sacrifice when she borrows a tremendous amount of money in order to facilitate the trip. She takes this risk for the sake of love. After a year of staying in Italy, they come back and Torvald is well and sound as a bell. Indeed, women sacrifice themselves for those they love.

Moreover, Nora also sacrifices for the friday night lights questions of her three little children when she leaves her home fearing that she may corrupt her children. Due to the societal mexican essays, she is convinced that she is a corrupt person as a result of her lies and pretentious nature of her marriage.

Answer: Consider the symbols, metaphors, and imagery of the play, and weigh their importance against the elements that seem realistic. Answer: Consider, especially, Nora's tarantella costume and fancy-dress box, as well as her black dress when taking the clothing is a symbol. Explore the metaphor of clothing as something which covers up, something which disguises, or as something which confers identity.

Ibsen also uses clothing to make points about agency and gender. Consider who dresses whom and who wears certain clothes for the sake of personal expression or in order to please someone else. Consider, too, that Torvald becomes free of his marriage obligations, which also have been oppressive of his own liberties. Finally, consider the ambiguous nature of the freedom Nora wins. She is going from a fairly predictable life into something unknown.

Remember that Mrs. Linde would rather be tied to a family rather than alone and on her own. Is that because of human nature or because of her individual choice?

Single and lone women like Mrs Linde had more control over their lives and money than married women, who were discouraged from taking jobs and had to surrender money matters to their husbands. But as Mrs Linde's story shows, having no male 'provider' brought its own problems. In sum, women had little power. Power lay with people like Torvald, who is a banker and lawyer. Torvald is able to dictate the fate not only of his family but of Mrs Linde by giving her a job and Krogstad by giving away his job.

He is gratified by the prospect of sacking Krogstad because he disapproves of his morality. In effect, the Torvalds of this world defined morality. As ask and answer questions have seen with regard to Nora's crime, they also defined the law, friday night lights questions therefore, who was a criminal. It is worth noting that Ibsen based the episode of Nora's forgery on a similar 'crime' committed by a female friend of his, which ended tragically for her, so he was drawing attention to what he saw as a genuine social problem.

He supported economic reform that would protect women's property and doll house questions European feminists. Other social issues addressed in the play include how women should be educated, both for the responsibilities of family and for self-fulfillment; the right of women to define their role in the family and society; the degrading effects of poverty on self-fulfillment as with Mrs Linde and the Nurse ; and the scourge of venereal disease as suffered by Dr Rank.

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How do different characters use the words "free" and "freedom"? How does the use of these words change throughout the play? It is Torvald who introduces the concept of freedom in the play, claiming that "There can be no freedom or beauty about a home life that depends on borrowing and debt.

He is also adopting society's values, as debt was disapproved of and considered a ask and answer questions of moral degeneracy. The dramatic irony behind his words lies in the fact that Torvald would not have any life at all if his wife had not gone into debt, though he does not realize this.

Like Torvald, Krogstad sees freedom as moral respectability in the eyes of society. His job at the bank is the means by which he will "cut [himself] free" from the stigma of his "indiscretion" of forgery. The problem with this approach phd dissertation help yasir qadhi that his "freedom" depends upon the whim of his employer, who also sits in moral judgment on him and can withdraw his job if he finds that he falls short in that respect.

Mrs Linde feels proud that by working hard, she was able to support her brothers and mother, and "I was privileged to make the end of my mother's life almost free from care. But she is operating at a lower economic level than he is. She is talking of being able to provide the necessities of life, whereas he is talking of the relative luxury of being free from debt. In Act 1, Nora is delighted that soon she will have paid off her debt to Krogstad and will be "free from care, quite free from care; to be able to play and romp with the children; to be able to keep the house beautifully and have everything just as Torvald likes it!

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Still, one must take you as you are. It is in the blood: for indeed it is true that you can inherit these things, Nora. Helmer: And I would not wish you to be anything but just what you are, my little skylark. But do you know, it strikes me that you are looking-rather-what shall I say- rather uneasy today? Helmer: No, I am sure of that: besides, you gave me your word- Going up to her Keep your little Christmas secrets to yourself, my darling.

They will be revealed tonight when the Christmas tree is lit, no doubt. Helmer : No.

Grapes of wrath study questions

frankenstein study questions and answers But there is no need; as a matter of course, he will come to dinner with us.

However, I will ask him when he comes this morning. I have ordered some good wine. Helmer : It is splendid to feel that one has a perfectly a safe appointment, and a big enough income. But it is a good thing that our hard times are over. Taking his arm now I will tell you how I have been thinking we ought to arrange things. As soon as Christmas is over a bell rings in the hall. She tidies the room. What a nuisance! Nora: oh, yes, that one; but this one is another. I ordered it.

Nora: of course. Just go in to him; he is sitting in the inner room. Keep him as long as. Nora: well, let him come in- but quietly. It is a surprise to my husband. Nora: this dreadful thing is going to happen! It will happen in spite of me! Krogstad: with a searching look at her is that what it all means? Tell me frankly. Is that it? Krogstad: Yes, of course I will. I will wait here until Helmer comes; I will tell him he must give me my letter back.

Linde: In my first moment of fright, it was. This unhappy secret must know all about it. Krogstad: Very well, if you take this responsibility. Linde: listening you must be quick and go. Nora: But it was absolutely necessary that he should not know! First of all, to get what I ask and answer questions as it were for myself? That nearly made him angry Christine. Very well, I thought, you must be saved- and that was how I came to devise a way out of the difficulty.

Nora: No, never. Papa died just at that time. I had meant to let him into it.Resisting change in the world of The Grapes of Wrath results in either death or madness. Family is a means of survival in The Grapes of Wrath. Without each other, on dumpster diving by lars eighner questions and answers Joads would have no way of coping with the loss of their land or of getting to California.

Family is the one weapon that the Joads have against the cold, bitter world around. They, along with many other migrant workers, learn that they are stronger and safer when they reach out to other families, and when they create a sense of community. Central to The Grapes of Wrath is a single lie: thousands of families move west to California because they believe it to be the land of plenty, a place full of jobs and opportunity.

This lie is spread through a yellow pamphlet dispensed by a Californian landowner looking for workers, and it both gives families a sense of hope and strips them of hope. Solve algebra problems entities help to sustain this lie: the banks, the car salesmen, the merchants, and the landowners.

The Joads are deceived into thinking that their worries will be forgotten once they get to California. Her given name is Sue Joad; it is suggested that her maiden name was Hazlett.

The Grapes of Wrath Themes

Pa Joad - patriarch, also named Tom. Wishes things were less complicated, like in He constantly refers to how the world fair was the last great thing that happened to America. He has a pessimistic view of everything else in the world due to his belief that everything will keep "going downhill". Uncle John - older brother of Pa Joad, feels responsible for the death friday night lights questions his young wife years before when he ignored her pleas for doctor.

He tries to repress "sins" such as drinking, then fulfills them with gross excesses like binge drinking. Jim Casy - a preacher who loses his faith after committing adultery numerous times.

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He represents in the book all that is holy. His initials are probably not coincidental. Al Joad - the second youngest son who cares mainly for cars and girls; looks up to Tom, but begins to find his own way. Forgot your password?

Buy Study Guide. From the text: And over the grass at the roadside a land turtle crawled, turning aside for nothing, dragging his high-domed shell over the grass: His hard legs and yellow-nailed feet threshed slowly through the grass, not really walking, but What particular excerpt are you referring to?

Chinua Achebe, William Butler Yeatsthe list includes song title, performer, year of release, and more. The list includes 7 titles ap calculus free response questions by The Grapes of Wrath.

Teacher's Guide to The Grapes of Wrath This 6-page guide includes some historical background, prereading activities, comprehension questions, questions for discussion and writing, suggestions for research. Requires Adobe Reader or compatible application for access. Teaching The Grapes of Wrath With The New York Times A wealth of resources: historical background, articles about the author, related contemporary articles, even a crossword puzzle.

Grampa alludes to this meaning of the grapes when he says that he is going to sit in a tub full of grapes in California. In his novel, however, the grapes symbolize both plenty and renewal, and bitterness and wrath. The latter meaning alludes to Revelation XIV which states that those who "worship the beast and his image" will "drink of the wine of the wrath of God.

Among other things, his portrayal and development of Ma Joad allows him to present his alternative to industrial agriculture and the "monster.

The author says something important about Ma Joad. See:,, Why did people like the Joads go to California? What attracted them? Read the top of But they's somepin worse'n the devil got hold a the country, an' it ain't gonna let go till it's chopped loose. Ever see one a them Gila monsters take hold, mister? Grabs hold, an' you chop him in two an' his head hangs on. Got to take a screw-driver an' pry his homeworkers apart to get him loose.

An' while he's layin' there, poison is drippin' an' legalize gay marriage essay into the hole he's made with this teeth. What is the implication contained in chopping loose and prying its jaws apart to get it loose? The San Francisco Earthquake. The Tri-State Tornado of The Galveston Hurricane of Frankenstein questions and answers facility.

Previous job. Pa Joad. Ma Joad. Al Joad. Jim Casy. Financial embezzlement. Alcohol bootlegging. Sexual relationships.